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Workshop: Right of Way Route Selection course.

It is the most comprehensive course of its kind available today by way of the 300+ years of our unequaled advisory board members' hands on executive experience in this field.

This workshop is designed to allow the student to actually pick a Route on about a 7-mile pipeline project in Texas.  In addition, all discussion is based on Texas, but can be applied to other states, including those with property descriptions using the Rectangle Survey System.

Route selection is based on a collaborative effort by all the disciplines working on a project.


Workshop: Chain of Mineral Title

The course covers:

  • Primary Reconnaissance
  • Locations for Other Facilities
  • Mapping
  • Permitting
  • Visual Inspection of the Terrain
  • Road and Railroad crossings
  • Visible obstructions to construction
  • Congested areas
  • Pipeline and other utility crossings
  • Existing Rights-of-Way
  • Natural corridors if no existing Rights-of-Way are available (property lines, ditch lines running with the Route, etc.)
  • Any noticeable physical features on the ground that could negatively impact the Route (protected flora, fauna, etc.)

The class is taught:

  • Self-paced Online – Available for Six Months.

The course writer and instructor:

Don Valden

  • An expert in Right-of-Way issues, Mr. Valden holds the certification of Senior Right of Way Agent through the IRWA with over 40 years’ experience. Since 1980, Mr. Valden has worked as a Right-of-Way Consultant and Project manager for some of the largest energy companies in the world such as Koch Industries, Gulf States Utilities, Southern Natural Gas, Devon Energy and EOG Resources. Mr. Valden is an accomplished course writer and presenter and is the founder of the America Right-of-Way Acquisitions & Survey, Inc. (ARWA)

We are trusted by Industry Leaders
The Petroleum Landman School in ran by seasoned veterans of the industry, and our courses are backed by leading companies. But let's hear what actual graduates have to say:


After finishing your class in August and now it being the first of October, I actually got a job last week working full time for a landman in Santa Fe handling federal leases.   I will tell you that they say what I learned in your class puts me ahead of the game so it was time and money well spent.

K. Haase

Dear David,

Thank you for the truly informative course held last September. 
I have completed my first year as an in-house landman for a petroleum company and can’t imagine how I could have achieved it without your excellent tutelage.

R. Sidwell
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