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We finally agreed to release this truly one of a kind course which is made up of real-world techniques experienced over a 40 year time frame of buying and selling oil and gas projects. It shows you how to determine what a barral of oil and an MCF of natural gas is worth as to each type of project you come across.

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The Valuation Essentials course is a definite must for investors wishing to either buy stock in E&P companies, working interest in projects, purchasing producing oil and gas properties, or mineral interests.

This course is also an Absolute Must for All Petroleum Landmen because it provides a solid basis for understanding how land budgets are established and maintained in both acquisitions and/or the development of projects.

This course will discuss several key and critical issues in great detail regarding this subject. In each chapter we get into the many facets of the title of that chapter. Please review the syllabus below to see the chapter breakdown of the course.

This course has recently been updated and expanded and is the most comprehensive discussion on this subject matter that we have created.

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This course has a complimentary online self-paced workshop dealing with putting this knowledge to work entitled Successful Negotiations. This workshop allows you to put into practice the valuation techniques learned in the Valuation Essentials course over three different types of projects.

Finally, you will be given parameters in which you can either be the buy or the seller, and the goal is to come up with a solid plan for the acquisition and not exceed your break-even price points.

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Determining values of oil and gas reserves or minerals has nothing to do with investing in the oil and gas futures market- they are two completely different concepts. The rise and fall of daily prices is driven by a different set of factors and has little value when it comes to determining a reasonable acquisition price or overall value for a producing property or development prospect. This is a key point to realize when investing in oil and gas projects.
Valuation Essentials Course
  • Setting The Stage
  • Introduction/Discussion
  • Getting Started
  • Developing The Valuation Process
  • Acquisition Example – Existing Production With Development
  • Three Keys To Success
  • Key Elements In Setting Breakeven Price Points
  • Developing Your Valuation Process
  • Determining Breakeven Price Points For Oil
  • Determining Breakeven Price Points For Natural Gas
  • Breakeven Price Point Summary

  • This class is must for Petroleum Landman wanting to understand how land budgets are created, oil and gas investors wanting to understand how oil companies can place a value on a barrel of oil and virtually anyone wanting to gain a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how “Breakeven Price Points” are established and how they play in establishing a purchase of sale value to an oil and gas prospect.
  • This course should be taken with the Master Class: Successful Negotiations.

The class is taught:

  • Live – 12 contact hours
  • Self-paced Online – Available for Six Months
  • Testing/Homework/Workshops – Seller vs Buyer

The course writers and instructor:

David Melton

  • Mr. Melton is a professional senior petroleum landman with over 39 years of experience in managing multi-state land brokerage firms, acquisition and divestitures as well as executive project management skills along with over 34 years of operational and administration management in Oklahoma, Texas and California.
  • Mr. Melton is a well-known and respected published author, course writer and presenter and published author with the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL) and Oilprice.com.  Mr. Melton founded the Petroleum Landman School in 2005 and is the CEO, President, Founder, as well as major stockholder and Advisory Board Member of the Professional Landman Schools, LLC.
Master Class Series: Succesful Negotiations

When you enroll in our Valuations Essentials course, you will receive our Master Class Series: Successful Negotiations course as a bonus.

This course is for anyone looking to become a Landman in the Wind and Solar Energy sector. It is best if someone has a good working knowledge of the Oil and Gas lease, property laws and mineral law vs surface land laws.

The course provides a very in-depth look at the overall Wind Energy business, how Wind Turbines are built and installed, what determine Wind Turbine locations and landowner concerns.

This course covers:

  • This course is a compliment to the Valuation Essentials Course and is a must so the student can complete the circle with both.
  • It takes the information in the Valuation Essentials course and puts into to action.
  • The course has three different examples using the Three Key Elements to Success in the Valuations Essentials course and has a workshop with both Buyers and Sellers perimeters.
  • The class is taught Self-paced Online.
We are trusted by Industry Leaders
The Petroleum Landman School in ran by seasoned veterans of the industry, and our courses are backed by leading companies. But let's hear what actual graduates have to say:


After finishing your class in August and now it being the first of October, I actually got a job last week working full time for a landman in Santa Fe handling federal leases.   I will tell you that they say what I learned in your class puts me ahead of the game so it was time and money well spent.

K. Haase

Dear David,

Thank you for the truly informative course held last September. 
I have completed my first year as an in-house landman for a petroleum company and can’t imagine how I could have achieved it without your excellent tutelage.

R. Sidwell
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